About Jackie

Like you, I often look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. But hopefully also like you, I am constantly searching for ways to improve. Her Lovely Images is one such way. It’s the passion I’ve always had, the business I’ve always wanted, and a path to being better women that we’ve all at one point needed.

I love to cook and eat and drink and share with others. I love taking care of my dog and people and myself. That includes fruit and veggie smoothies in the mornings and fruitful books at night. I love my family. I love the color green and any evening that’s accompanied by good conversation over a good bottle of wine.

I’m an artist and an editor and I love creating with my life and continuously editing it, too. I’m spirited, straightforward and always up for an adventure. One day I will own a vintage Vespa and I’ll keep developing every day until I die.


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