Bare Moments

We women are such interesting creatures. We’re all so different, from the colors of our hair and the shades of our lips to the colors and shades of our attitudes and feelings. Yet we’re all so alike. We often find ourselves judging one another for things that end up being reflections we see of ourselves. So diverse in so many ways, yet so simply the same.

When we bind together we’re stronger than we are alone. But so often, so many of us select the solitude. We feel like the way we feel is the only way its ever been felt and that no one could possibly understand. But when we open ourselves up to new possibilities we gain strength from the strength of others and become powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. We can acknowledge unique situations but we become far more capable when we tie them together.

The best is when we strip ourselves of the differences and sit together completely bare. Sometimes it’s around a quiet kitchen table or in the corner of a loud bar and sometimes its in the comfort of a private room. Often tears are shed and laughs are shared and often no words are spoken at all. The shades shift and colors combine and we sit with a knowledge that we’re in this together, and that the women surrounding us create a more solid woman than we ever could have been on our own. And it’s moments like that that make me proud to be part of this interesting element of creation.

Looking forward to some bare moments in the boudoir with you.

artistic boudoir pictures

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