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Her Lovely Images is an intimate portrait photography studio designed to restore confidence in women through collaboration, connection and image creation. Seeking to replace the idea of ‘sexy photos’ that the current boudoir photography genre communicates, Her Lovely Images shows another side of ‘sexy’ through femininity’s strength, authenticity and contentment. Read more about us here.


Is there ever a good time to step out of your comfort zone, try something you’ve never done before and work your ass off to somehow make it to the next best version of yourself? I’m going to go ahead and say, no, there isn’t. There never will be. Except for right now.

Now is the only time to do it. Now is the only chance you have to make the change. Now is the only time you’ve got to look in the mirror and truly face the person you see. If you don’t, who will? Do you like what see you? Do you envision more?

The answer to the last two questions, for me, is yes and yes. I’m facing my shit. I’m making moves. I’m taking the next steps to better myself, my loves, my business, my life…right now.

So. We’ve been a little distant here. Blogging has been on the backburner, along with too many other things that need to be firing on cylinders. So grab your fans ladies, the rest of this year is comin’ in HOT.

Here’s to looking at you, kid.

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Sometimes it can be hard to remain lovely amongst the ugliness of this world. It can be difficult to maintain integrity when so many are skewed.

But that’s the battle we fight as women. Every day, there’s something that can pull us down. And every day we can choose to rise and choose to put on the cloak of splendor that we are honored to wear. Someone’s got to carry the torch, someone’s got to Light the way. How else will the others see? How else will the rest know where to turn when they’re done with the dark?

Keep trudging through the mud, ladies. I believe in you. Let your Lights shine.


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Our #WCW goes out to Miss Tawnya from San Diego. This gem of a human loves fiercely, lives passionately and works for improvement constantly. How admirable.

I was lucky to photography her awhile back and and catch a dose of her intimate side during our session. You rock, T.



Jackie has been in the photography industry since 2005, doing everything from carrying gear and securing press passes, to shooting celebrities and products for brands she loves with her own business she loves even more. Somewhere along the line, she really fell in love with photographing women. To Jackie, nothing is more gratifying than seeing a woman come alive in front of the camera, and seeing her reaction when she loves the resulting photographs.

So Jackie set up a home studio where she could facilitate more of this vitality and love. Read more about Jackie here.