I’ve been doing some house cleaning lately. And I don’t just mean dusting and mopping the floors.

The last several years I’ve slowly began to implement concepts and practices of feng shui into my home. For those of you unfamiliar, feng shui is a Chinese system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Energy can be stimulated to flow freely and beautifully, or it can be blocked which could present itself unfavorably in your life.

The more I’ve aligned the things in my home with the concepts suggested by feng shui, the more the good energy seems to flow. I read Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and honestly, the title has manifested incredibly. Let the good times roll!

Now whenever I have some things to organize or relocate or some bad energy to wipe clean, I reference this book first. It’s an easy and approachable read and will have you eager to get your life a’changin’ too! I’m eager for all the clean goodness that’s coming my way!


  • 2018/08/01 - 4:09 am

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